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Day 69: A dirty Kitchen, a dirty fight – BBNaija

30 September 2022
Daniella's complaint about a dirty House led to one fight after the next over dishes that had created a mountain in the sink.

The mounting dishes in Biggie's Kitchen tore the House apart as quarrels spread like wildfire. Daniella expressed her dissatisfaction over the state of the House to House Chizzy, and that led to some heightened emotions. BellaAdekunleBryann , and Daniella complained about the mounting dishes in the Kitchen sink that no one was taking responsibility for. While the complaints took place, Bella walked into the Kitchen, washed her plate, and went to sit in the Living Room. 

The quarrel found its way to Adekunle and Chizzy. Adekunle attempted to emphasise the point that dishes should be personal. He failed to comprehend Chizzy's argument that he washed the collective glasses and never complained. According to Adekunle, people should wash what they use, unlike the Living Room used by the collective, so collective cleaning made sense. 

While this quarrel was taking place, Bella jumped in with her two cents. She did understand why Adekunle said dishes are personal when he does not always wash his. She added that sometimes he leaves his plate on the table which was the same as leaving it in the sink. Adekunle tried numerous times to explain how he takes responsibility for his dishes and how he can beat his chest with confidence in that regard. Bella was not having any of it, and he eventually gave up explaining himself, adding that Bella is "not particularly brilliant." 

Watch the food feud: 

The fight then quickly escalated between Rachel and Bryann. His frustration was Rachel's accusation that the dirty cup on the table was his. He claimed that he immediately washed the cup he used. When Rachel continued talking about his emotional energy but not talking directly to him, Bryann got up and told her to get his name out of her mouth. "You people are irritating me," Bryann said, and Bella called that nonsense talk. 

Eventually, Bryann walked away after stating that the fight over a dirty House was beneath him and he won't be filled with pride in five years when he looked back at this footage. He was counting down the hours to his exit so that he would not have to deal with the people in it. Last night after the Pool Party, Bryann complained about how much he is over the House and some of his pet peeves. It was unknown who he was complaining about, and Daniella thought he was complaining about her, which he was not. 

Watch Bryann complain: 

With a few hours to go until the Finale, will Housemates fight over something else? With Ebuka crossing into the House later, we are betting on it. 

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