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Day 54: Movie date causes heartache for Bella and Rachel – BBNaija

15 September 2022
Chichi, Phyna, Groovy, Eloswag, and Sheggz all enjoyed a movie night that left Bella and Rachel in tears.
Groovy, Phyna, Chichi, and Chomzy seated

The tickets for Chichi, Phyna, Groovy, Eloswag, and Sheggz's Showmax movie night arrived last night. However, a few problems developed when a few Housemates couldn't figure out why their names weren't on the list. Sheggz and Bella were perplexed as to why they were unable to go together on a single ticket, while Rachel, who claimed to have also made a purchase, bemoaned not being on the list.

The announcement

A brief including the names of the Housemates who had bought tickets for a movie date was provided to Head of House Phyna. These Housemates were  Chichi, Eloswag, Groovy, Phyna, and Sheggz. Apart from getting a movie date, the Housemates were to pack their bags as they were going to have a sleepover in Level 3. As soon as the brief was read, Sheggz questioned why Bella's name wasn't included, while Rachel questioned why her own name wasn't included. 

Lovers split apart

As Bella and Sheggz were obviously upset over not being included on the list, Eloswag volunteered to give Bella his ticket so she could go as Chomzy's date and still have the opportunity to go with Sheggz. Biggie refuted this, thus Bella was left with no choice but to stay behind. 

Sheggz went to soothe her as she retired to her bed after not taking the news of the split well. She however continued to mope when he left because this was going to be their first night without each other since the season started. 

Lost funds

After the brief was read, Rachel also felt disappointed in her name not appearing on the list and went on to shed tears under the duvet for a couple of minutes before Adekunle came to speak to her.

Rachel seeks answers

It should be noted that prior to the brief announcing the movie date, Rachel had just read the brief for the Tail of House punishment which she had to carry out for the rest of the week. Was this the reason why she was so emotional? We are not sure but a movie date could definitely have taken her mind off the pain of becoming Tail of House,

While speaking with Adekunle, she accused Hermes of not verifying her claims of making a movie ticket purchase to Biggie. Adekunle however countered this notion lightly by pointing out that Hermes was no longer Head of House when Biggie had called for verification on those who paid for a movie ticket. 

Good boy no dey pay

When Bella expressed her disappointment at not being on the list, Eloswag offered to give her his ticket so she could go along with Chomzy and get a chance to be with Sheggz. This gesture, however, did not sit well with Chomzy, even though Biggie denied Eloswag’s plan

While preparing for the movie date, Chomzy queried Eloswag for not speaking to her first before making the decision to give his ticket to Bella. He tried to explain himself but got frustrated in the process and left Chomzy alone in the Garden where they had the conversation. 

Chomzy queries Eloswag

After all the drama, Chomzy, Chichi, Eloswag, Groovy, Phyna, and Sheggz all made their way to Level 3 where they watched their movie and spent the night.

Whew!😥 Who knew a movie date could cause so much drama? Will there be more drama from special privileges in the future? Let’s wait and see.  

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