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Day 48: An enthralling dance to Wager victory – BBNaija

09 September 2022
The Level Up Housemates bagged their first Wager win since the Levels were merged.

The Level Up Housemates delivered stellar performances that impressed Biggie enough to let them win their Wager Task this week. Housemates paid tribute to the men and women who dedicate their lives to the service and betterment of humanity by singing and dancing to traditional music. According to Big Brother, they didn't just deliver, they exceeded his expectations.

Housemates were tasked with creating a 45-minute performance that included various dance routines for their songs and present a big dance routine or number at the end. Biggie also gave them leeway to decide how many Housemates will dance per song, as long as all Housemates performed at least once. Biggie also told the Housemates that they could use personal clothes and items for this task and request any special props or costumes that they needed for their big performance.

Practice wahala

Housemates welcomed their Weekly Wager brief with open arms given their preparations for it. They took the brief and ran with it as some Housemates even suggested that the dance routine be compiled in a way that would encompass the Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa cultures. How could we forget when Bella told Hermes that they should prioritise practicing for the Task over eating dinner? 

Incredible performance

Today's performance was a culmination of all the practicing and drama that went down this week. After the arguments and carefully thought out preparations, the Level Up Housemates rendered a song that they compiled in acknowledgment of all those in service that carried a simple rhythm with the message, "we thank you o."

When the Housemates were done singing, they broke into a series of traditional dances and acrobatics. We were blown away by the sheer determination written on Groovy and Dotun's faces as they held Chichi in place while she danced with a gleeful smile on her face.

After the traditional dance was over, Phyna, Rachel, and Chichi gave us an angelic performance that marked the end of the Housemates' Wager presentation. Big Brother couldn't hold back his delight in the Housemates as he congratulated them on a job well done.

Biggie acknowledged Phyna for her determination in the way she led the Housemates through this week's Wager preparations and even mentioned how impressed he was that she made a dancer out of Groovy. As the Head of House, Hermes also got a nod from Big Brother for the role that he played in mobilising the Housemates and ensuring that they practice for their Wager.

Big Brother still kept them guessing on whether they won their Wager or not as he asked Groovy to rate his counterparts' Task preparation and performance. Groovy told Biggie how dedicated the Housemates were to their practice and that he felt they gave an outstanding performance.

Hermes was also called to give an account of the week and how the Housemates approached their preparations for the task. He explained in detail about the Housemates' involvement which pointed to Bella and Sheggz as the main detractors of the team's practice progress. Biggie made them apologise to the Housemates, much to Bella's dismay who had to issue her apology twice as the first one wasn't heartfelt.

After everything was said and done, the Level Up Housemates won their Wager and can look forward to a week with all their luxury items added to their basic items. 

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