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Day 16: Chomzy rebuffs Eloswag's advances – BBNaija

08 August 2022
Will they ship or not? That is the big question surrounding Chomzy and Eloswag
Chomzy and Eloswag

Chomzy has been the subject of conversation in the Level 1 House for various reasons. One of these is Eloswag’s affection for her. A feeling that is still unrequited. Eloswag’s romantic affiliations got a lot of scrutiny for the first time when he and Phyna shared a kiss at the first Saturday Night party. The moment was so spicy that it was a topic of conversation in both the Level 1 and Level 2 House.

After the party, however, Eloswag made it clear to Chomzy that he was still interested in her but this did not go too well. Chomzy felt it was disrespectful that he would kiss someone else at the party when he had feelings for her. 

Chomzy had spoken about this with Chichi during the week and had told him she was not keen on giving Eloswag a chance.  

Early this morning, Eloswag gave it another go and this led him to another brick wall. While seated at the Dining area, Eloswag asked Chomzy “are we vibing or not?” to which Chomzy replied that she doesn’t know. This led to a little back and forth between the two. 

Eloswag asked if she wasn’t sure about him or if it was heartbreak. A question that was a bit confusing as the two didn’t even have a ship but it seemed Eloswag was talking about kissing Phyna.

Eloswag goes on to ask her “Do you like me?” Chomzy answered once more saying she doesn’t know or maybe she knows but doesn’t want to say.👀 Is she trying to drag the situation to see if he is truly interested?🤔

Chomzy goes on to bring up Phyna boldly telling Eloswag that she likes him. He says it's probably just a crush and eventually promises to block everyone out because he had alway been a loner and will walk emotionless.

We are not sure yet but it seems these two are not done with these conversations and we can’t wait to see how this pans out through the season. 

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