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M-Net (Channel 101) is your channel to connect with the very best in television entertainment. Experience the latest blockbuster movies, gripping international series and highly acclaimed local shows in one magical destination, M-Net, Where Magic Lives.
M-Net Edge
M-Net EDGE takes you to the very edge of entertainment with a bold channel that will add a whole new dimension to your TV viewing and give it a shakeup.
M-Net Movies Premiere
The crème-de-la-crème of big budget, hit movies await on the M-Net Movies Premiere channel. This is where Hollywood royalty lives and where you can find the freshest movies appearing on TV for the first time. Movies will be screened first on this channel before moving to the relevant themed channel.
M-Net Movies Comedy
Relax, put your feet up and prepare to laugh till it hurts. Whether you like your comedies tinged with romance, drama, slapstick humour or a little on the naughty side, the comedy channel will leave you in stitches.
M-Net Movies Family
Wholesome entertainment for all ages awaits with the family channel. A fun and enjoyable lineup featuring animation, musicals, fantasy and feel-good family movies will keep both kids and the young at heart engrossed all day.
M-Net Movies Action+
Escape on an adventure, discover what lies in the far reaches of Space, fight the bad guys and save the world. M-Net Movies Action+ will take you there with a host of blockbuster movies from Action to Westerns, Horror and Sci-Fi.
M-Net Movies Romance
Get swept away by an enchanting love story, or lost in a heart wrenching drama. The drama and romance channel features a variety of new and entertaining content including biographies, thrillers, documentaries and war movies.
M-Net Movies Showcase
Revisit your most magical movie moments and discover new ones with the Showcase channel. M-Net Movies shines the spotlight on specific movies and directors with exciting festivals, themes and box sets. Plus you get to take control with viewers’ choices.
M-Net Movies Action
Do high speed car chases, massive explosions, hot woman, ripped action stars and giant bloodthirsty mutant animals make your world go round? With the M-Net Movies Action channel you’ll find everything to keep you glued to your lazy boy.
M-Net Movies Stars
Your best loved actors and movies shine brightly on M-Net Movies Stars. Featuring cult classics and movie favourites from past and present across a variety of genres from comedy to drama and romance, it’s the channel for young and old alike.
Studio Universal
Studio Universal is the top quality Hollywood movie destination, offering a wide choice of action, comedy and family movies for everyone to enjoy. We bring Hollywood into your home.
Vuzu Amp
An amplified TV experience with the best in international and local series. It's out of this world television. #VuzuAmp
M-Net Series Zone
This channel offers the best in uninterrupted bundled episodes of series’ that viewers may have missed. M-Net Series Zone gives the viewer a more fulfilling way to watch their series’ at their own convenience.
VUZU is a youth focused entertainment channel for young Africans. The programming is a combination of big name international series and locally produced shows. The channel will feature a wide variety of genres including drama, reality, comedy, animation, extreme sports, gaming, and magazine style.
Universal Channel
Universal Channel Africa compels audiences with engaging, high-quality character-driven entertainment
Telemundo is a 24-hour Telenovela channel offering a wide range of themes for the whole family to enjoy including: traditional romance stories, mystery, action & adventure and stories based on real-life events with high quality production values and featuring top talent form the Telenovela industry.
BBC Entertainment
Bursting with glossy new dramas, classic sci-fi, hilarious sitcoms, celebrity chat shows and irresistible glamour, brace yourselves for BBC Entertainment! Made by the brightest talent on and off screen, our world class, award-winning shows will keep you glued to your screens.
Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel offers viewers the finest in non-fiction entertainment in the areas of history, nature, science & technology, world class culture and human adventure.
Comedy Central
Comedy Central is the first 24-hour comedy channel for sub-Saharan Africa, combining international comedy programming with locally produced content.
E! Entertainment Television
A core channel brand for NBCUniversal, both in the US and internationally, E! is seen in 150 countries and delivered in 26 languages. As the home of pop culture E! captures the topics that fascinate us all including personalities, trends, music, fashion, TV, movies, art, nightlife, philanthropy, technology, design and sports. The channel’s new look and logo, “Pop of Culture” tagline and talent-driven brand campaign help bring this to life, evolving and extending the E! brand.
FOX is a general entertainment channel designed for an audience 18-35 years, early adopter, urban and looking for something new, bold and innovative, offering the best international fiction series of the moment, including quality drama, comedy and entertainment programming.
FOX Crime
FOX Crime is an entertainment channel specializing in the crime genre, with contents of thriller and suspense themes related to law enforcement, investigation and mystery.
Sony Entertainment Television is the ultimate destination for complete family-friendly entertainment with mix of programming that includes captivating dramas, witty comedies and gripping thrillers.
Sony Max is a channel made for men. It's an upfront bold channel, offering addictive programming.
Blackbelt TV
Blackbelt TV is a 24-hour martial arts television network airing martial arts fights, series, movies and animé.
MTV is the world’s premier youth entertainment brand, the cultural home of the millennial generation, music fans, artists, and a pioneer in creating innovative programming for young people. MTV reflects and creates pop culture with its award-winning content built around compelling storytelling, music discovery and activism across TV, online and mobile.
Lifetime is a brand new entertainment channel dedicated to providing quality scripted dramas, distinctive factual entertainment and feature length Lifetime Original Movies, with a host of A-list talent in front of and behind the camera.
CBS Reality
CBS Reality opens your eyes to the weird and wonderful sides of life, as well as the extraordinary moments which transform the everyday.
CBS Action
CBS Action is home to action-packed dramas, tense thrillers, sci-fi favorites and fast paced movies that will keep you hooked.
CBS Drama
CBS Drama is the destination for iconic and unforgettable series and their gritty storylines, tense thrillers, passionate love affairs and cliff-hangers. It's irresistible viewing.
BET International is a channel to experience Black culture through high – quality reality, music, talk, news & documentary programmes and a diverse roster of top notch entertainment specials throughout the year.
Turner Classic Movies
TCM is the definitive classic movie channel that gives you the greatest movies of all-time, all the time.
True Movies 1
Experience the most remarkable and powerful true stories of ordinary people overcoming extraordinary odds, 24 hours a day on True Movies 1. This unique film channel features hundreds of moving and emotional true movies with performances from A list stars.
M-Net Movies Zone
Featuring an exciting mixed bag of content from dramas, comedies and family movies, to something that will satisfy the action buffs. Zone treats viewers to a wide range of well-loved stars and movies from recent years.
Founded out of a love of great craftsmanship and extraordinary stories, AMC offers acclaimed movies and premium original series. AMC has produced some of the most awarded and critically acclaimed hit drama series of our time. Whether commemorating favourite films from every genre and decade, or creating acclaimed original programming, AMC brings to its audience something deeper, something richer, something more.
If Afrikaans is your home language or even your second language, here's a television channel with REAL local flavour. Its called kykNET, its produced by M-Net, and it broadcasts only in Afrikaans. Programming includes everything from talk shows, to variety and music programmes, the best in local dramas and cooking shows.
kykNET & Kie
kykNET & kie is an Afrikaans General Entertainment channel that consists of previously seen kykNET favourites that include lifestyle programmes and magazine shows. kykNET & kie also simulcasts some programmes from kykNET channel 144 and offers Afrikaans children’s programming previously seen on Koowee.
KykNET Musiek
kykNET Musiek is an adult contemporary music channel, that will feature popular Afrikaans commercial artists and their music, featured music blocks, various music request and chart shows as well as related magazine shows.
AfricaMagic Showcase
AfricaMagic Showcase is a stylish 24-hour channel dedicated to first class entertainment from the continent. Viewers should expect to see glossy soaps, glam drama series, glitzy lifestyle shows, great comedy, grade-A movies, gorgeous talk-show queens and gripping reality TV… all made in Africa.
AfricaMagic Epic Movies
Rooted in culture, AfricaMagic Epic Movies is a channel dedicated to African programming made by Africans and features the best of epic entertainment content from the continent.
AfricaMagic Urban Movies
In AfricaMagic Urban Movies, Africa’s bustling and growing cities provide the busy urban backdrop for the dynamic stories of modern life and love showcased on this 24-hour dedicated movie channel. From dramas to comedies, action to romance, it’s non-stop African movie entertainment showcasing real life and real stories.
AfricaMagic Family
You can expect to come home to family with the AfricaMagic Family channel. An entertainment channel dedicated to African programming made by Africans, AfricaMagic Family provides family themed content comprising captivating dramas, sitcoms, shows and must watch series.
AfricaMagic World
AfricaMagic World is a variety channel packaged with the best of local productions which tell a world of stories from the African continent.
Mzansi Magic
Mzansi Magic is M-Net’s new proudly South African entertainment channel. The channel will broadcast the very best South African and international feature films, bubblegum movies, short films, documentaries, music specials and talk shows.
Magic World
Magic World is a variety channel packaged with programming covering local productions in the movies, sport and series genres.
Mzansi Wethu
Mzansi Wethu is a locally focused general entertainment channel. The channel will broadcast game shows, a soap, bubblegum movies and reality shows. The programs reflect the day to day reality of South Africans.
Mzansi Bioskop
Mzansi Bioskop is the home of original African storytelling. The channel will broadcast bubblegum movies 24hours a day. The programs reflect the day to day reality of South Africans
Ebony Life TV
EbonyLife is an entertainment channel that is going to change Africa forever. Inspiring Africans to elevate themselves to succeed on a global stage. Telling compelling and engaging stories of the people on the continent with heart, understanding and compassion. Universally human stories with a global black attitude. From human drama, insightful and relevant talk, to world class reality shows, EbonyLife is the authority on lasting entertainment.
Zee World
Zee World brings you the best blockbuster movies and series from Bollywood. With award-winning dramas, nail-biting reality and tantalizing food shows, as well as a myriad of variety shows and other world series.
Glow TV
Glow is a 24 hour entertainment channel that features content with high production values, universal story-lines and compelling themes. Our content is eastern inspired and has been locally curated for the South African market. Genres include: food, soapies, comedy, movies, travel, variety (talk show, music, celebrity gossip) and reality.
Crime + Investigation
The only channel dedicated to true crime stories, CI will take you on a journey deep into the heart of the criminal underworld, exploring the minds and methods of both criminal and detective.
Discovery ID
ID delivers remarkable insights into the real world of investigation, forensic analysis and true crime stories. ID promises a destination for people who like to “play along” as they follow the mystery and piece together the puzzle. Step inside the shoes of the investigator with ID Investigation Discovery, the new authority in real crime investigation.
TLC Entertainment
TLC Entertainment is the brand new flagship entertainment and lifestyle network, offering a wide variety of inspirational and uplifting programming that reflects the multifaceted lives of today’s woman. Featuring content focused on real reality and meaningful entertainment, as well as the exclusive home of the OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network in Africa, TLC Entertainment is life worth watching.
BBC Lifestyle
Whether you’re reinventing your home, wanting more fun in the kitchen, looking for tips on better parenting or searching for ways to feel better and look great, you’ll find it all on BBC Lifestyle. The sassy and energetic channel that’s alive with inspirational ideas to transform your life.
Food Network
Food Network delivers a fresh approach to food programming and celebrates everything that is bold, fun and entertaining about the genre. The channel offers a combination of credible cooking, new ideas and high-energy entertainment to inspire foodies and non-foodies alike.
The Home Channel
Whether you're looking for inspiration about the latest decor trends, thinking of doing some home improvements, or searching for your dream home... The Home Channel is your one-stop TV solution, with local and international programmes that inform and inspire.
Fashion TV
Fashion TV introduces you to over 300 leading designers in the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A mixture of sensuality, eroticism and beauty makes Fashion TV a universal language watched and enjoyed in every part of the world.
Travel Channel
The Travel Channel offers high quality programming for the business and leisure traveller. Besides keeping viewers entertained and informed, there are many special offers and travel-related competitions for subscribers too.
National Geographic
With unrivalled quality and spectacular imagery, this channel brings you award-winning documentaries from around the world - from wildlife adventure and exploration to natural phenomena and world cultures.
Nat Geo Wild
This 24 hour channel from the National Geographic stable, is dedicated to the best in wildlife programming, the power of mother nature and the future of our planet
Animal Planet
Animal Planet, a major channel of the Discovery network's portfolio, offers intrigue, adventure,
humour, relationships, life and death. It's television that Grabs You!
BBC Knowledge
Broaden your horizons with BBC Knowledge. Where facts are made fascinating and the truth is as entertaining as fiction. Our award winning factual and non-fiction programmes are presented by charismatic experts, whose passion for their subjects reveals the world in all its wonder.
HISTORY is a factual entertainment channel bursting with characters sharing their stories from the past and present; where limits are pushed to the extreme, negotiations are won and facts discovered.
Discovery World
Discovery World offers an experience of the very best factual programming from around the globe. It showcases a rich and colourful selection of high quality factual programmes from around the globe, with different genres. These range from the ancient world to natural history, people and places, modern history and key events, exploration, to history of technology, war and weaponry.
TRACE Sport Stars
The first global entertainment channel dedicated to the lives of stars in the world of sports. From music stars dating champions, fitness gurus training movie stars and fashion designers dressing sports celebrities! TRACE Sport Stars is the #1 entertainment channel for sport and celebrity lovers! It’s all about the stars!
New models, old bangers, supercars or classics, hot rods and pimped up racers – if you’re crazy about cars SA’s only motoring channel will get your engine running.
Channel ED
Channel ED is Africa’s newest knowledge portal. Immediate and interactive, it seeks to engage and inspire. Channel ED is smart, open, and accessible, speaking to anyone who is curious and interested in navigating new possibilities.
SABC 1 is commercially oriented local channel aimed at a funky youth audience. If you feel like some fun, escapism or something a little more provocative - then this is the channel for you.
Programming is chosen to uplift and enlighten the viewer, and provide entertainment for the family. The channel embraces the cultural diversity of the African continent - it is the spirit of African Renaissance. For a good dose of Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu programming this is the channel for you.
SABC 3 balances excellent entertainment programming with sport, news and actuality content.
Watch world class entertainment, local style and Be Free with e.
SuperSport Blitz
Catch all your sporting highlights and result updates with SuperSport Blitz, a handy tool for any sport enthusiast.
SuperSport 1
SuperSport HD 1 consists of a variety of sporting codes, including local and international rugby, PSL football, UEFA Champions League, tennis majors, European Tour and US PGA golf, F1 and MotoGP.
SuperSport 2
SS HD2 features various HD sports programming, including selected cricket, Bundesliga, PSL, Europa, tennis majors, Champions League and F1 and MotoGP (select events).
SuperSport 3
24 hour Barclays English Premier League channel in HD covering all games either live or delayed. The channel also includes magazine and turn around EPL content.
SuperSport 4
South Africa's premier football channel in HD, made for broadcasting national football events such as PSL games, including various PSL Magazine and highlight shows.
SuperSport 5
Ensures you get all the games, all the time. It acts as an extra channel to handle the overflow when all the other SuperSport Channels are bursting with live matches and other features.
SuperSport 6
Overflow HD channel - Mainly carrying European Leagues, UEFA & FIFA events, Club Friendlies and Club TVs.
SuperSport 7
European Leagues, UEFA and FIFA events, Friendlies. Overflow Rugby Sevens Golf: Overflow Euro PGA Tour, US PGA Tour/ Majors. Tennis: ATP/WTA/ Majors. Cycling: Tour de France, Giro, etc. Cricket: except SA games. Basketball, Athletics, Boxing, Motorsport, Swimming, Wrestling.
SuperSport 8
Overflow live events from SS1 & SS2 as well as local programming
SuperSport 9
This channel will include live and delayed local NFL, Ghana, Zambia league football. Selected other leagues will also be shown live and delayed, eg Afcon. Along with magazine shows and highlights.
SuperSport Select
A specially packaged sports channel, bringing you local and international highlights, thrills and spills, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
SuperSport MaXimo 1
Your Portuguese sports channel. Maximise your sports in-take with MaXimo. A channel that brings you SuperSport action of all kinds.
TellyTrack is the racing fan's ticket to the magic of thoroughbread horse racing. The channel brings you up-to-the-minute information to keep you on top of the game.
Soweto TV
An interactive, engaging and informative ‘talk radio on television’ concept, where presenters and producers engage with Soweto viewers about issues relevant to Sowetans. It is about Soweto every day in every household.
Bay TV
Bay TV’s programming incorporates a diverse local culture and religion and highlights community issues in local languages. Other genres include education, entertainment, healthcare and environmental affairs.
1KZN is a channel that promotes local culture and showcase content from KZN.The channel broadcasts various children’s programming, youth, women, education, news & current affairs, sports, music & culture and gospel content.
Tshwane TV
Tshwane TV is an urban and contemporary community channel that provides entertaining, informative programming that appeals and is relevant to various South African sub-cultures. This general entertainment channel covering the Tshwane region includes infotainment with a focus on youth, lifestyle and current affairs.
Cape Town TV
Cape Town TV is a community television channel. CTV broadcasts a fascinating programme mix ranging from documentaries to community news, music, spirituality, education, amateur sport, children's shows, comedy, cooking, theatre and films
Lesotho TV
Free-to-air Channel
Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network is the home of the top toon stars. Join viewers of all ages for the latest and the greatest cartoons with all your favourite characters.
Boomerang offers the best in classic animated entertainment. With over 2000 characters, it's the best place on television to share your favourite childhood cartoon memories with your own children.
Disney Channel
Disney Channel is the children's channel for the whole family featuring classic cartoons and popular new animated characters, Playhouse Disney for the youngest viewers (2-5 years) as well as live action sitcoms and an unrivaled range of classic Disney feature films.
Disney XD
Disney XD is a boy-focused, girl-inclusive channel. Disney XD includes a compelling mix of live-action and animated programming, hyper-targeting boys and their quest for discovery, accomplishment, sports, adventure, music and humour.
Nickelodeon is Kids First and we mean it! We have entertainment for the whole family: pre-schoolers, kids, tweens, teens and parents can watch fun, exciting shows exclusively on Nickelodeon (DStv305) like Dora the Explorer, Team Umizoomi, SpongeBob SquarePants, Avatar: the Last Airbender, iCarly, Big time Rush and lots more! For the best Nick-tastic shows, tune in to Nickelodeon!
CBeebies is a brightly coloured world full of stories, discovery and giggles. It is a place where friends like Tinky Winky, Roly Mo and Iggle Piggle help nurture your little one’s imagination, and where your child’s curiosity about the world around them is answered through their unstoppable appetite for play!
Nick Jr
Nick Jr, the smart place to play is a safe environment for children to learn and explore the world around them. Nick Jr focuses on original animation from Nickelodeon that highlights strong educational goals and takes an innovative connected learning approach to storytelling.
NickTOONS is the next generation of power brands for boys plus all the brands parents loved and now want to share with their kids. NickTOONS is always animated, always funny.
Disney Junior
Disney Junior is Disney’s newest preschool brand, which has been carefully developed for kids and parents to enjoy together. It’s the place where magical storytelling comes to life and delivers special entertainment with heart whilst incorporating specific learning and development themes.
JimJam is a TV channel dedicated to preschool children, and their parents and carers. Its high quality programming stars some of the world’s best-loved pre-school TV characters.
Mindset Learn is a South African curriculum based educational channel aimed at grades 10-12 (Std. 8 to Matric) and will initially cover the Maths, Science and English syllabuses.
Channel O
24-7-365... Channel O is a leader in music television and the most highly regarded outlet for African talent and videos on the planet. Targeted at youth with the rhythm of Africa in their soul, Channel O is renowned for its ability to bring home the hottest musical programming from across the continent.
Mzansi Magic Music
Mzansi Magic Music is a TV channel that devotes itself to those all-time local and international familiar favourites, those feel good, classic hits 24 hours a day.
MTV Base
MTV Base is the unrivalled 'urban' music channel, playing only the very best in R&B, Hip Hop, Kwaito and Dancehall. MTV Base is synonymous with what urban music represents. For MTV Base, reflecting the urban lifestyle is as important as the music. MTV Base is prolific at breaking new artists, highlighting new trends, delivering hot showbiz news and showcasing all developments in the international & local music scenes.
VH1 Classic
VH1 Classic features: rock, soul and pop artists from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90‘s music.
The number one urban television channel provides the best in urban contemporary music from all over the world.
One Gospel
One Gospel is a 24-hour music television channel showcasing gospel music from all over the African continent and the world. It includes studio generated and live performances from both world renowned and up-and-coming artists. Complementing its extensive music line-up, the channel will also include spiritually themed talk-shows, magazine programs and game-shows, making One Gospel more than just a music channel.
Dumisa is the home of praise and provides a platform for top traditional South African churches, their music, traditions & miracles.
In a society that is often rocked by various calamities, a solid faith in an unchanging God proves to be a great comfort. Faith, in essence, is a message of hope, and this message of hope is reflected in the programming offered daily on FAITH BROADCASTING NETWORK.
Rhema TV
The best Christian programming from around the world each and every Sunday.
iTV Networks is a vibrant and informative channel who’s programming mix includes spiritual, kids and social entertainment, news and current affairs as well as lifestyle programmes, that are sensitive to the viewing needs of both Muslim and non-Muslim viewers.
BBC World News
Providing an unmatched, impartial, in-depth analysis of breaking news, BBC World News explains the story behind the headlines. An international news and information television channel, BBC World News broadcasts in English 24 hours a day for a global audience.
CNN International
CNN International allows viewers to witness history in the making with its award winning, live coverage of news as it breaks, from around the world, around the clock.
Sky News
Sky News brings you up-to-the-minute news updates from a European perspective. Extensive feature programming includes busness, news, science, technology, sport, travel, arts, entertainment and fashion.
eNews Channel Africa
The 24 hour news channel that keeps you updated with local, regional and international news. Also, get the latest weather and sport and entertainment updates with eNCA.
SABC News is a 24-hour news channel, providing round-the-clock news and information. The channel provides global and local content by fully integrating digital/multi-media platforms into its broadcasting
ANN7 is South Africa’s newest 24-hour news channel with strong emphasis on breaking news incisive analysis & innovative content. Broadcasting from end to end technologically advanced facilities.
Al Jazeera
Al Jazeera English is a 24-hour English language news and current affairs television channel headquartered in Dohar, Qata. The channel aims to provide both a regional voice and a global perspective to a potential world audience of over one billion English speakers, without an Anglo-American worldview.
Russia Today
International renowned news channel, Russia Today, offers an alternative perspective on news.
Parliamentary Service
Keep your finger on the pulse of political happenings by watching live and recorded crossings from Parliament.
CCTV News carries news, documentaries, and television series targeting Mandarin, Cantonese and English speaking viewers 24 hours a day.
CNBC Africa
CNBC Africa is the continent’s first 24 hour international business channel. It delivers real-time information and insightful analysis about African business and Africa’s financial markets. CNBC Africa also presents regular updates from CNBC affiliates around the world including Europe, Asia and the US. The channel offers a unique global perspective from an African platform.
The leading source of worldwide financial news, information, analysis and communication, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Business Day TV
Up-to-the-minute business and market news, plus all you need to know about investing, small business and personal finance. From South Africa’s most trusted source, Business Day.
Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, NDTV 24x7 is a contemporary, slick international channel that targets the global Indian with news that is credible, true and fast.
People’s Weather
The Weather Channel now offers a video forecast with various weather information as well as the interactive application for detailed information on South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world.
RAI Italia
RAI Italia is the first Italian multimedia network producing TV, radio and information on the World Wide Web, providing 24 hour programming to people of Italian origin around the world, promoting the image of Italy across the globe.
BVN is a public television channel targeting Dutch speaking viewers. It carries news, sports, series, entertainment, movies and documentaries 24 hours a day.
ERT Sat is a government owned network that offers 24 hours of quality Greek language programming. ERT provides live and local news coverage, documentaries, educational programming, and children's shows. This channel appeals to families as well as more mat
TV5 Monde Afrique
A dynamic French television channel offering fresh on the spot news coverage from Entertainment, sport and hard news. The channel boasts of top notch investigative and specialist journalists who cover its various news spectrum.
Deutsche Welle
Deukom Channel. Deutsche Welle (Channel 446). Available from 5am-2pm daily.
CCTV-4 carries news, documentaries, and television series targeting Mandarin, Cantonese and English speaking viewers 24 hours a day.
RTP International
RTPi is a 24 hour channel hosting a range of popular Portuguese programmes ranging from news and sport to tele-novelas and game shows.