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DStv Digital Magazine

Click here to download the new digital magazine.

1. Make it your own
The new digital magazine offers much more because you can customise it to suit your viewing patterns. Save your favourite pages to the My DStv Mag section. Once they're there, you can print them or read on screen.

2. Weekly calendars
Find the exact same calendars as in the print magazine in the digital magazine. These are our hand-picked selection of new shows and series starting in the month.

3. Your schedules
View what's on by sorting programmes according to week, channel, show or day. Click to highlight your favourite shows and then print your personalised schedules or view them on screen. Or you can download the full schedules for the month.

4. More stories
We pride ourselves on bringing you great features about your favourite shows, movies and stars every month. Now we'll be publishing articles on a weekly basis, so you'll get much more.

5. Sport highlights
In addition to our monthly sports calendar, check the action-packed weekly weekend sport preview, which highlights the action on Saturdays and Sundays.

6. Your movies & BoxOffice
Wondering what movies to watch? To make your viewing decisions easier, there's an entire list of movie premieres, from A-Z, as well as a section on the latest BoxOffice movies.

7. Win more

Feeling lucky? Get all the details of the amazing prizes you stand to win each month in our fabulous competitions, courtesy of DStv and our sponsors. There are many!

Printable schedules

If you would like a printable version of our channel schedules, download them at the links below.The files are available in a zip file format, which you can open using Winzip (download here).

Available schedules:

April 2014 Premium: download now
April 2014 Compact: download now

However, please note that these guides will not be updated as changes happen - for up-to-date information, please use our online guide or download one of our apps.


    DStv HD decoder (Uninstalled)
    DStv HD decoder (Uninstalled)
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    DStv Explora
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