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Watch: Laurie Levine album launch
By Viantha Naidoo & Jason von Berg | Wed, 28 Sep 2011

Laurie Levine is a petite, unassuming girl with arresting talent. In cowgirl boots, and flanked by South Africa’s most adorable backing band, she sang us all smitten last week at her Johannesburg album launch.

The event promoted her latest release, Six Winters, which emerges exactly that length of time after her debut album.

Against a backdrop of Instagram shots by homegrown photographers, the band played folk songs of heartache and charm for a delighted Alexander Theatre crowd.

Players included the breathtaking Lize Wiid on accordion and keyboard, with producer and character of the industry Dan Roberts on guitar. Rounding up the traditional country six-piece were a double bassist, cellist at the fore, and a captivating drummer who was one part Kris Kristofferson and one part Animal from the Muppets.

Folk blues singer Joshua Grierson joined Levine on stage for a low, slow-burning cover of Johnny Cash’s incendiary Ring of Fire. Check on Monday for our artist feature on Grierson.

The stage and tone of the performance brought to mind Tom Petty’s Live at the Fillmore set, in its intimacy, warmth and folky open-heartedness. The event itself was like a handwritten love letter from Levine’s own pocket, from the band’s personalised set design to her mom’s homemade catering.

Check out some footage from the event, attended by celebrity fans and lovers of song.

Get yourself a copy of Laurie Levine’s Six Winters from Kalahari, and hear what all the fuss is about.


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