Who are we cat bearding?
Viral sensations happen in a flash. If you’re not online long enough you might just miss the latest memes, YouTube sensations and trends such as planking, owling and now cat bearding.

The mission is simple: find a feline friend or a cat-lady willing to lend you a cat, preferably one that matches your skin tone. Position said feline correctly, snap a pic and you've got yourself a cat beard.

Instead of waiting for more cat-beards to go viral, we decided to improvise our very own cat bearding.

Amanda Bynes

She’s waiting for her day in court but the former child star claims she’s of a sane mind. Sure if you consider throwing bongs out of apartment windows; starting Twitter wars with celebs and tweeting disturbing selfies normal things that a sane person would do! Maybe Amanda will take cat bearding literally for her next nose job.

Justin Bieber

The Biebs is causing havoc in his neighbourhood. He’s been spotted speeding in Ferrari and smoking marijuana.  Whether he’s being a rebellious teen or blowing off some steam, Justin can do no wrong in the eyes of his Beliebers. Maybe a cat beard selfie will detract attention from his recent misdemeanours.

MasterChef South Africa

Judge Andrew Atkinson returns in MasterChef South Africa (Tues 11 June 19:30 on M-Net). With a brand new season of chopping, dicing and creating delicious dishes to impress the judges, contestants will need to prove they have what it takes to be South Africa’s next MasterChef. Perhaps the judges could resort to cat bearding should any of the meals upset their noses.

Kim Kardashian

Kimmie had her very own kitten named Mercy. Unfortunately Kim couldn't  keep Mercy because of her allergies. If she did still have Mercy or any other cat for that matter, this Kardashian would definitely snap some more selfies. Maybe Kim would cat beard her baby girl due in July.

Big Brother The Chase

The reality competition is in full swing with 26 housemates still in the competition. We're sure the housemates would be even more entertaining with a couple of cats to partake in the cat bearding trend. The best cat beard would probably be South African housemate Angelo. His dreads would easily conceal a cat! Watch 24-hour coverage of Big Brother The Chase on channel 197 and 198 and visit the official Big Brother The Chase website for more!

Games of Thrones

The battle for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms continues in Game of Thrones, Fridays at 21:00 on M-Net. The noble houses continue their fight for power. but the mother of dragons, Daenerys Targaryen would be decidely less impressive with a beard of feline.

While you try cat bearding yourself, why not tune in to My Pet's Gone Viral on Mondays at 21:00 on Animal Planet channel 183 to watch the latest animal online stars.