Weirdest wedding traditions
Big Fat Gypsy Weddings kicks off tonight on BBC Entertainment and takes an in-depth look into travellers’ weddings. These people are all about the big, heavy gowns that glow in the dark, moving diamante butterflies and the sequins and tiaras. It possibly couldn’t get any worse that the Gypsies.

Though there are some really strange traditions and rituals out there when it comes weddings. Here are some of the more “intriguing” ones.

Kidnapping the bride

In countries like Germany the bride-to-be is kidnapped and hidden somewhere – in a closet, under a bed, even a in a store room. Anywhere and everywhere. And then the groom plays hide and seek, and begins to search for his beloved. What fun!

Breaking plates

Greek weddings are probably most well-known for the breaking of plates. Apparently, this is said to ward off evil and unpleasant spirits.

Gypsy bridal party... those dresses look like they glow in the dark

Another Gypsy bridal party... colourful

Oiling the bride

In Scotland the bride will sometimes be covered in oil, eggs and feathers, and then paraded around the town for all to see.

Stealing of shoes

And then there's India. Since the groom must remove his shoes before going to the alter, members of the bride’s family have to try to steal the shoes. Meanwhile, the groom’s family does everything in their power to protect the shoes. If successful, the bride’s family must demand a ransom for the shoes.

Gypsy wedding cake.... Mmmmmm.

Some rather interesting traditions across the world, but each to their own. In the meantime, you can tune into Big Fat Gypsy Weddings and see what rituals have to be performed in a true Gypsy wedding.

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