Video: The curse of Samuel L Jackson
Legendary actor Samuel L Jackson is notorious for cool roles that pack a punch and show off the ranty side of his emotional range (and by character we mean vulgarity to knock the fear into any guilty soul).

Sam's next outing on our TV screens is in Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing on Friday, 16 November at 20:30 on Sony Entertainment Television. He plays hot-mouthed radio DJ Señor Love Daddy, who is pretty smooth until a racial incident on a New York City street causes him to lose his composure over the airwaves.

It's not just words, of course. As an angry and often frustrated bad ass he’s smoked his share of goons (and been out-gooned and out-gunned, for that matter) in many top-notch movies - including Pulp Fiction. In the 1994 thriller Jackson plays Jules Winnfield, a mob hit man with a foul attitude to match his equally foul mouth.

And let’s not forget the memorable scene from Snakes on a Plane where an enraged Jackson went up against some slithery creatures to protect a man in a witness protection programme, on a snake-infested plane.

He's so good at being bad. Here are a few SLJ trademark fury/rage movie moments (Warning: this video contains profane language and violence not suitable for sensitive viewers):

Jackson narrated the hugely popular audio book Go the F*** to Sleep, which was written by Adam Mansbach.

For the recent US elections he did an ad campaign for President Barack Obama  but with the reversed message – Wake the F*** Up.

But lest we forget that he's a serious and above all versatile actor, here are some rare moments of Samuel L Jackson... not shouting.