Video: Self-defence tips
When it comes to action, it’s a man’s world. But everything is better with women. Especially women who know how to kick a**.

Trying to get some of these awesome women to give our viewers a demonstration in self-defence was a little unpractical (not to mention expensive), so we gathered together the femme fatales currently gracing M-Net Movies instead. But first, some tips on self defence. Cue heels, models aaand... action! 

Watch now:

It’s no fun being the damsel in distress, especially not with the threat of vampires, zombies and the evil villains from James Bond movies lurking about. Movies have taught us that when you want something done right, it’s best to send in a woman to sort out the man who’s meant to be doing the job. And put paid to the bad guys in the process too.  

Take Lara Croft for example. She makes men quake at the sight of her, and it’s not just because she has a pretty face. In Lara Croft Tom Raider: The Cradle of Life (Thurs 22 Nov at 19:30 on M-Net Movies Action), our favourite explorer is not ashamed about deftly putting a spike through the foot of her enemy using her well-trained moves.

No woman wants to be the helpless girl who willingly surrenders her neck up to the creatures of the night. Femme fatales like Selene, of the Underworld series, know how to put down the ruthless males of her species- showing them that being a predator is not just about having a well-endowed set of fangs.

Selene has to protect her daughter in Underworld: Awakening (Fri 23 Nov at 20:30 on M-Net Movies Premiere), and what would have happened if she was an old, crusty vampire like Dracula?  Just like Selene, Rayne of Bloodrayne 2 (Fri 9 Nov at 14:00 on M-Net Movies Action+), makes the vampire world look more empowered, as she takes out the male leader of a vampire gang attacking innocents.

It only makes sense for there to be a super-heroine next to a superhero. Even Batman needed a muse in the form of Catwoman (Thurs 15 Nov at 20:00 on M-Net Movies Action+), who made Bruce Wayne more than a little excited. Sexy and confident, with the acrobatic skills of a cat, the sometimes bad sometimes good girl nimbly put her male counterparts in their place.

Women make even ordinary jobs look better, like Texas parole officer Marilyn Gambrell does in Fighting the Odds (Tues 20 Nov at 20:00 on M-Net Movies Stars). Not only does she make the cops in her tough profession look good, she also manages to reform and educate the children of convicted criminals.

And, when Judy Benjamin becomes Private Benjamin (Wed 21 Nov at 19:00 on M-Net Movies Comedy), she takes it upon herself to keep the army men in line when they try getting “private” with her.

Nothing enhances espionage better than a mysterious woman, like Salt (Sat 10 Nov at 11:00 on M-Net Movies Showcase), who shows both the Russian mafia and the FBI that a woman can be a spy and an assassin without missing a headshot.

And let’s not forget that FBI Agent Gracie Hart, in Miss Congeniality (Fri 9 Nov at 21:00 on M-Net Movies Comedy), knows all about self-defence. She redefines the word makeover by transforming into a beauty queen, and while other contestants sing and juggle to show off their talent, Gracie performs a series of self-defence 101 techniques that prove to be surprisingly useful.