The inspiration behind Frankenweenie
Some people worry about their kids and drugs, but what happens when your kid is a scientific genius and brings his dog, that was run over by a car, back to life?

This was the inspiration for a short live-action film by Tim Burton back in 1984, called Frankenweenie, which also served as the inspiration for the 2012 animated movie with the same name.

Starring Shelly Duvall, Daniel Stern and Barret Oliver (you’ll recognise him as Bastian from The Never-ending Story), the 1984 short was both twisted and laced with dark humour as only Tim Burton knows to make his films.

It’s a lighter-hearted parody of the classic Frankenstein story by Mary Shelly: scientist creates life (or “a monster”), well-meaning monster is misunderstood, angry mob, fire…and I’ll leave the rest in spoiler Heaven.

Frankenweenie was initially shelved by Disney as “too scary for younger audiences” but was eventually released as a stand-alone short film in 1992, and then again as an extra alongside another Burton short called “Vincent”, both of which can be found on DVD and Blu-ray version of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Watch the full original short here now:

And remember, the 2012 version of Frankenweenie is available to rent and enjoy on BoxOffice right now.