The best Drake jokes
Drake recently made headlines when some quotes from his article in the forthcoming Rolling Stone Magazine were leaked to various blogs. 

He allegedly mocked some of Kanye West’s lyrics on the divisive album Yeezus. Then he also went on to throw his toys about being bumped from the magazine's front cover in favour of deceased actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.

But the rapper, who will be featured on Channel O’s Ten 2 One countdown this week, said the anniversary of his mixtape, So Far Gone (which catapulted him into serious territory), was the reason he was so emotional. Yeah, emotional is a word that has been used far too often to describe Drake’s lyrical content and general behaviour. 

There have been memes upon memes that make fun of the dude. We bet he breathed a sigh of relief when Miguel gave a fan a flying kick special that one time and took Drake’s usual spot as the butt of all jokes. 

But, as evinced in a recent Saturday Night Live episode (the show airs on Comedy Central on Saturdays at 21:00) that he hosted and was the musical guest on, Drake has taken most of these jabs in stride. It’s in that good humour that we've selected a few of our favourite Drake memes. Enjoy.

First up, someone captured this image of Drake shedding a tear and it goes perfectly with a running phrase – Drake is the type that... – that has spawned short-lived Tumblr pages and Twitter accounts. Poor Drake.

Then there was this parody of the cover for this Canadian star’s second album, Take Care, which was humourously titled Day Care.

On the set of the music video for the song No New Friends, Drake dared to wear a Dada Supreme outfit and the picture that was snapped was turned into so many different memes that it went viral. Here is the shot that started it all.

And then Thriller was roped into the mix and iPhone emoticons were also no longer a safe space. Aside: how cool would it be to have a Drake emoticon though? We digress. 

One of our favourites is this picture of Drake replacing ET in the bicycle basket with a line from one of his best songs as the caption:

We'd probably shed that tear too. 

Even though he has given us plenty of laughs, there’s no denying that Drake, as a person and as a musician, is polarising. You can call him an emo-rap or the male saviour of Lil Wayne’s protégé group, Young Money Cash Money – because we can’t rule Nicki Minaj out. Whatever you want to call him, you can’t ignore him. So catch up on his music on Channel O this week.

*Pictures sourced from Google Images and Tumblr.

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