The Oscar Pistorius Trial: Where to watch
The Oscar Pistorius Trial - A Carte Blanche Channel will feature round-the-clock coverage of the trial, as well as hours of exclusive documentaries, profiles and in-depth expert analysis.
DStv has provided a number of platforms on which Premium, Extra, Compact and Compact + subscribers can watch the trial including the 24-hour pop-up channel, DStv Channel 199.

When you're not in front of your television, you can stream Channel 199 online at - note this is limited to your PC or laptop as streaming is not supported on mobile devices.

On Mobile
However, subscribers who reside in South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya or Zambia and are on the move can tune into the live stream via DStv Mobile 3G streaming on their phones or on DStv devices such as Walka 7, Walka 3.5, Drifta and iDrifta

Catch Up
Viewers will also be able to watch selected content from the channel on DStv Catch Up on PVR and Explora, as well as on DStv Catch Up Online where available.  

Download the DStv app to your IOS phone or iPad or your Android device to view Catch Up content, or download it to your device to watch at a later date.

To find out what's coming up next, take a look at the video gallery on or OscarTrial199 on Youtube

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To watch The Oscar Pistorius Trial - A Carte Blanche Channel, you must be a Premium, Extra, Compact or Compact + subscriber, upgrade your package, take a look at the DStv Mobile offerings or get DStv here.

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