Prezzo gutted by Goldie’s death and ‘husband’ claims
Kenyan musician and Big Brother StarGame runner-up Prezzo has gone underground to grieve his lost love Goldie, after her shock death on Valentine’s Day.

Prezzo, who is in Lagos where he had gone to meet her to celebrate the day of love, was met with her death instead on Thursday evening and has since been out of touch except for a touching poem on his Facebook page - dedicated to her.

His silence comes as journalists try to reach him for word on fresh claims that the Nigerian songstress had been married to Andrew Harvey since 2005. Harvey used his Facebook page to release pictures of their wedding and subsequent meetings in the years after that, including an interview with Nigerian blog where he said that their marriage was alive and thriving up to the time of her death.

In the interview he discounts claims that Prezzo and Goldie had ever been an item outside the Big Brother house.

“Prezzo was part of a BBA game, just like in the movies, there was nothing to fear,” he is quoted as saying.

“It (their affair) dragged because the media dragged it, otherwise it would have died naturally,” he stated, adding that he had even spent a private Christmas with Goldie in Malaysia last year.

Prezzo, who had begun opening up about his love with Goldie, had even expressed his intention to marry her and this new piece of info has definitely thrown a spanner in his wedding works. He is expected though to give his side of the fiasco soon.