Catch Up PVR Guide
This is the monthly guide of which series and episodes will be downloaded to your PVR every week.*
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DStv Catch Up: April 2014
Week 1 April- 6 April

Arrow Ep 17(M-Net)      Revenge Ep 15(M-Net)   
Blue Bloods Ep 17(M-Net)      Rizzoli and Isles  Ep 14(SShow)
CSI Ep 2(M-Net)      Suits Ep 13(M-Net)   
Glee Ep 12(SShow)   Survivor SA Ep 12(M-Net)   
Grimm Ep 17(SShow)   The Blacklist Ep 11(M-Net)   
Marvel's Agents Of Shield Ep 13(M-Net)      The Following Ep 10(M-Net)   
Mom Ep 20(M-Net)      The Tomorrow People Ep 18(M-Net)   
Week 7 April- 13 April

Anger Management Ep 2(Comedy Central)   Nashville Ep 2(M-Net)  
Arrow Ep 18(M-Net)     Rizzoli and Isles  Ep 15(SShow)
Austin & Ally ep 47(DC)   Once Upon A Time In Wonderland Ep 13(SShow)
Betrayal Ep 11(M-Net)     Regular Show Ep 21(Cartoon Network)
Blue Bloods Ep 18(M-Net)     Revenge Ep 16(M-Net)  
Carte Blanche Ep 53(M-Net)     Revolution Ep 14(Sshow)
CSI Ep 3(M-Net)     Suits Ep 14(M-Net)  
Glee Ep 13(SShow)   Survivor SA Ep 13(M-Net)  
Grey's Anatomy Ep 17(M-Net)     The Blacklist Ep 12(M-Net)  
Grimm Ep 18(SShow)   The Fixer Ep 14(M-Net)  
Marvel's Agents Of Shield Ep 14(M-Net)     The Following Ep 11(M-Net)  
Mom Ep 21(M-Net)     The Tomorrow People Ep 19(M-Net)  
Week 14 April- 20 April

Anger Management Ep 3(Comedy Central)   Nashville Ep 3(M-Net)  
Arrow Ep 19(M-Net)     Revenge Ep 17(M-Net)  
Blue Bloods Ep 19(M-Net)     Rizzoli and Isles  Ep 16(SShow)
Carte Blanche Ep 54(M-Net)     Revolution Ep 15(Sshow)
CSI Ep 4(M-Net)     Suits Ep 15(M-Net)  
Glee Ep 14(SShow)   Survivor SA Ep 14(M-Net)  
Grey's Anatomy Ep 18(M-Net)     The Blacklist Ep 13(M-Net)  
Grimm Ep 19(SShow)   The Fixer Ep 15(M-Net)  
Game of Thrones Ep 1(M-Net) (New Show)   The Following Ep 12(M-Net)  
Marvel's Agents Of Shield Ep 15(M-Net)     The Millers Ep 17(M-Net)  
Mom Ep 22(M-Net)     The Tomorrow People Ep 20(M-Net)  
Week 21 April  - 27 April
Anger Management Ep 4(Comedy Central)   Mistresses Ep 1(Sshow) (New Show)
Arrow Ep 20(M-Net)      Nashville Ep 4(M-Net)   
Californication Ep 1(SShow) (New Show)   Raising Hope Ep 1(M-Net) (New Show)
Carte Blanche Ep 55(M-Net)      Revolution Ep 16(Sshow)
Chicago Fire Ep 18(M-Net)      Revenge Ep 18(M-Net)   
CSI Ep 5(M-Net)      Suits Ep 16(M-Net)  (Season Ends)
Franklin & Bash Ep 1(SShow) (New Show)   Survivor SA Ep 15(M-Net)   
Game of Thrones Ep 2(M-Net)   The Blacklist Ep 14(M-Net)   
Glee Ep 15(SShow)   The Fixer Ep 16(M-Net)   
Grey's Anatomy Ep 19(M-Net)      The Following Ep 13(M-Net)   
Grimm Ep 20(SShow)   The Millers Ep 18(M-Net)   
Marvel's Agents Of Shield Ep 16(M-Net)      The Tomorrow People Ep 21(M-Net)   
Week 28 April  - 30 April

Anger Management Ep 5(Comedy Central)   Nashville Ep 5(M-Net)   
Carte Blanche Ep 56(M-Net)      Revolution Ep 17(Sshow)
Chicago Fire Ep 19(M-Net)      The Blacklist Ep 15(M-Net)   
CSI Ep 6(M-Net)      The Fixer Ep 17(M-Net)   
Grey's Anatomy Ep 20(M-Net)      The Following Ep 14(M-Net)   
Marvel's Agents Of Shield Ep 17(M-Net)      The Millers Ep 19(M-Net)   
**Please note that this schedule is a preliminary schedule
and is subject to last minute changes**
**Next schedule to be made available on the 01 May 2014**