More broke girls: How celebs would deal
Max and Caroline return for the second season of 2 Broke Girls, tonight (Wednesday, 13 February) at 20:00 on M-Net. They might be besties now but Caroline and Max are from opposite worlds.

Max comes from a poor working class family and has always had to work hard while Caroline is a fallen socialite trying to find her way in the world after her dad was arrested for a Ponzi scheme.

Caroline may not be as sassy and street-smart as Max but she’s slowly finding her feet even though it meant giving up her luxurious lifestyle.

It’s hard to imagine these celebrities ever going broke like Caroline but suppose they did...

Kim Kardashian

Kim K is never shy of showing anything off. She constantly tweets gifts, outfits and jewellery so we doubt Kim would survive being broke. She’d probably just sit and cry about it and maybe Instagram her crying face -  if she still had a phone, that is...

However, we're sure she'd be able to rely on Kanye to help out with household expenses.

Paris Hilton

Hotel heiress Paris might end up broke if she isn’t careful with her money. Although, she could always try the Simple Life again and work in a diner like Caroline. At least she’ll have her zoo of animals to keep her company.

Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice is definitely the queen of pouting. Perhaps her lavish lifestyle saddens her or listening to poor David makes her miserable. At least if the Beckhams go broke, Victoria will already have the pout mastered.

Miley Cyrus

Former child star Miley is rebelling against her “good girl Disney image” to show off her feisty side. Should this Tennessee girl lose her fortune, she can simply head back to Texas and work on a ranch. Problem solved!

Lindsay Lohan

Countless misdemeanors and court appearances have drained the star of her fortune. And her lack of regular acting work over the last few years certainly hasn't helped. Rumour has it that Lindsay has moved back into her mother’s house. Looks like Lindsay might have to find a real job now.

LiLo could take some advice from 2 Broke Girls. Don’t miss the second season starting Wednesday, 13 February at 20:00 on M-Net.