Meet The Del Monte Dynasty
Five adoptive brothers, Juan, Pedro, Gaspar, Lucas, and Jose are blindsided by the arrival of a woman who gets the lion’s share of their father, Emilio Del Monte, ranch. The Del Monte brothers are furious that a complete stranger now partly owns the very ranch they worked grew up on and so hard for.

Their father’s dying request was for his children to get along. Unable to deny the ranch's new owner what’s rightfully hers, they embark on a tough journey of acceptance, love, scandal and betrayal.

The Del Monte Dynasty premieres on today at 15:30 on Telemundo. Before you tune in, check out more about the characters:

Juan del Monte
is the oldest of the five brothers who Emilio had adopted. He is the family patriarch and is looked upon to resolve any family dilemma. Although Juan is in a long relationship with Julieta, he finds himself in a dangerous situation with the newest Del Monte family member Paula.

Paula was conceived during an adulterous relationship and is Emilio’s only biological daughter. She feels wronged in a way and is more desperate than ever to hold on tight to what’s rightfully hers. In the process she unexpectedly falls in love with Juan, changing her priorities forever.

José Del Monte is attractive and equally ambitious. He keeps a secret relationship with a married woman from his brothers who he calls “a group of strangers”. He has mixed feelings of love and hate for his oldest brother Juan, which later leads to tension.

Lucas Del Monte
is the youngest brother, and is a smart, kind, and good person. He will feel a platonic love for his newfound sister Paula. This will lead to great conflict between the brothers. This blind love prevents him from realising that Rosario Millan secretly loves him.

Pedro Del Monte is the most charismatic of all the five brothers. He always tries to keep the brothers united. He was originally abandoned by his mother, so he is particularly resentful towards this social class. He is deeply in love with Julieta Millan, his brother’s fiancé, and will do his best to get her love.

Julieta Millán
is Juan’s fiancée of many years. Since her brief fling with Pedro, he will not stop pursuing her. Her life will get complicated when the affair she had with Pedro is discovered, at the same time as Paula appears, leaving Juan confused about his feelings.

Gaspar del Monte is the most noble of the brothers, but also has an explosive temper. He resents Paula’s mother Sofia and blames her for causing his mother’s death. Adding to his angst is the fact that his true love Guadalupe is from a rival family and their love must be kept a secret.

With this much drama to look forward to you can’t afford to miss The Del Monte Dynasty premiering on today at 15:30 on Telemundo.