Join the Police Academy

Do you remember how much you loved Police Academy? We be it was a lot.

There’s no denying it, the franchise has some of the quirkiest characters we’ve ever seen on screen.

To prepare yourself for the Police Academy movie festival airing on M-Net Movies Stars from Monday, 16 December, we’ve decide to re-introduce you to some of the characters you can expect to see in the Police Academy movies.

Cadet Carey Mahoney is the central lead of the first four Police Academy movies. He’s a troublemaker and compete womaniser, but deep down has a genuine heart of gold. He loves playing practical jokes on his fellow officers within the academy.

Cadet Moses Hightower was a florist before joining the academy – an interesting former career for a man known for his great stature and immense strength. 

Cadet Eugene Tackleberry loves action of any kind and has a love for firearms as well as the military. Unlike the other cadets, Tackleberry has worked in a similar field, having been a security guard and an officer in the US Military. He’s known for getting the job done, but he has a tendency to be quite naive at times.

Cadet Laverne Hooks
is one of the main ladies in the Police Academy films. She’s soft spoken and has a very, very high-pitched voice. She finds it tricky to put people in line but is also known to get quite aggressive when frustrated.

Catch the above characters and many others in the Police Academy films airing on the following days on M-Net Movies Stars:

Police Academy on  Monday 16 December at 20:00

Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment on Tuesday 17 December at 20:00

Police Academy 3: Back In Training on Wednesday 18 December at 20:00

Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol on Thursday 19 December at 20:00

Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach on Friday 20 December at 20:00

Police Academy 6: City Under Siege on Saturday 21 December at 20:00

Police Academy 7: Mission To Moscow on Sunday 22 December at 20:00