Interview: Coco talks comedy, kids
We caught up with Coco from E!’s hit show, Ice Loves Coco recently to find out more about the rest of season three. Check out her responses below:

DStvO: What can we expect for the rest of the season of Ice Loves Coco?

Coco: This is my favourite season of all seasons. There’s a lot going on.

You saw me kicking off my first fashion show for my clothing line and Ice doing stand up for the first up. He’s so funny; I had to get him up there in some kind of way (laughs).

You see the how the story unravels about how Peepshow happens too.

DStvO: You recently celebrated your 12th wedding anniversary. How did you guys mark the occasion? Did you get spoilt?

Coco: We were in Vegas and we had to do an appearance out here at LAX. It was a lot of fun. We spend a lot of time out in Vegas. We do the whole gifts thing throughout the year (laughs).

DStvO: You’re a mom to the very cute Spartacus and Maximus. Have you guys got plans to add to your family at some point?

Coco: (Laughs) Spartacus and Maximus are a handful and I have a lot of fun going to the dog park and doing cute stuff for them. It's a totally different scenario when you have a little human being because you’re changing your whole life around.

Of course I want one down the road when I finish everything up and close this current chapter of my life.

DStvO: You’re into season three now. Did you ever imagine Ice Loves Coco would take off like it did?

Coco: No I didn’t, but I had faith in it.

This show is completely different to all of the other reality shows out there. It’s a positive piece. People think it’s funny and they laugh and it’s not like you’re going to sit back and see people fight.

It gives you a good, warm, happy feeling when you watch the show.

DStvO: Allowing cameras into you life is quite something. It has been good, but there’s also a lot of negative that comes with being in the spotlight. How do you guys cope with all the attention, stories and the limelight?

Coco: It’s not so bad; we guard ourselves. We ok the cameras being around at certain times in our house. It’s not like they’re with us overnight or following us to the bathroom (laughs). There are certain times when we still get our free time, so we’re not too worried about that.

When people say Ice Loves Coco there’s no negativity that pops up. It’s been great; people love the show. In fact I’ve never had anyone come up to me and say "I hate Ice Loves Coco" (laughs)

DStvO: This season you also got to explore your interest in meteorology. How did that go?

Coco: That’s something that I was really into as a little girl. I loved watching the weather channel and I’m fascinated by wind and rain and everything that comes with it. Sun to me is boring. I like different weather systems; tornados, hurricanes.

I thought as a little girl I would be a meteorologist someday. Not necessarily on TV. When I was given the opportunity to do the forecast on TV, I thought "why the hell not". They kind of threw me in the deep in and tried to see which way I’d go. It’s very fun, trust me.

DStvO: In closing, any messages to your fans out here?

Coco: I would love to visit South Africa. That’s a place I’ve never been to before and definitely on my list. I know I have a lot of fans out there. Tell them I love them, that I’ll be out there someday to meet and greet them all.

Catch the news season of Ice Loves Coco, Saturdays and Sundays on E! Entertainment.