Get ready for Manhunt with Joel Lambert
Discovery Networks International (DNI) has announced Manhunt, an all-new original series featuring former Navy SEAL Joel Lambert in an extreme version of hide-and-go-seek.

With only what he can carry on his back, Manhunt pits Joel against some of the world’s most elite military tracking units in treacherous terrain as he attempts to evade capture in 48 hours or less. Spotlighting the thrill of the chase - juxtaposed with ingenuity fueled by constant fear of capture - Manhunt will premiere on Discovery Channel in 224 countries and territories internationally beginning in February 2014.

“A unique twist on the survival genre, Manhunt features heart-stopping suspense, unexpected turns and one highly competitive personality,” said Sarah Davies, Vice President, Production and Development for Factual Production, DNI. “The premise of Joel against expert elite trackers is compelling enough, but adding in menacing landscape and deadly wildlife elevates the series to another level - and one that will appeal to the adrenaline junkie inside all our global audience.”

Filmed on-location in the United States, Poland, South Africa, Philippines, Panama and South Korea, each episode of Manhunt follows Joel as he is dropped at a starting point with a head start. With Joel’s reputation and the trackers’ national pride at risk, the stakes are extraordinarily high. In less than two days, Joel must reach a pre-arranged extraction point - or risk capture. Joel is given minimal supplies to survive - and anything else he needs, he must to find along the way.  

Following the chase side-by-side with cameras capturing the action from both perspectives, viewers are brought alongside the action with Joel and the special operatives teams. An expert in escape and evasion, Joel’s background has well-positioned him to prey on each unit’s hidden flaw - but evading highly specialized military tracking units and combatting dehydration, hunger, and the elements proves to be a greater challenge. Will Joel succeed - or will he fall victim to the military…or the environment?

Manhunt is produced for DNI by Discovery Studios. For DNI, Sarah Davies is executive producer and for Discovery Studios, Eddie Barbini and Brian Knappmiller are executive producers.