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Footballer sets up cellphone network
By Jocelyn Uithaler | Thu, 05 Jan 2012

Samuel Eto’o has set up a cellphone network.

The Cameroonian footballer is launching the network as a cheaper option of communication, reports PeaceFM Online.

The network, Set’ Mobile, which has already sold more than 50, 000 SIM cards, is Cameroon’s third cellphone operator, reports the publication.

The network will be activated on 21 January.

Eto’o, who played for Barcelona and Inter Milan, now plays for the Russian club Arizhi Makhachkala and is one of the world’s best paid sportsmen, reports the BBC.

In December last year, Eto’o was given a 15 match ban for his role in a player’s strike. Eto’o was named African footballer of the year, a record four times.


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