Eric Wainaina appointed UN Goodwill Ambassador
The United Nations Environment Programme has appointed Kenyan musicians Eric Wainaina and Suzanna Owiyo as their Goodwill Ambassadors.

The musicians, who were chosen for their active use of music for social change, got the designation at a well-attended event in Nairobi yesterday (Thu 21 Feb). The singers will have two years to use their influence and music to encourage good environmental practices, especially in Kenya and across the continent.

“I am so excited,” said Suzanna, who is hoping to use her good people skills and sober judgment to look for the best ways to promote the cause. Eric on the other hand said that he was delighted to be one of the go-to people when UNEP want a spokesperson to talk up their environmental campaigns.

The two artists are well known for their social causes, one of the most recent being a mock boxing match by Suzanna to raise funds for the treatment and upkeep of Kenyan female boxing champion Conjestina Achieng.

Eric meanwhile, has been assuming the role of UN messenger of non-violence at UNODC.

“This new role is a step up for me. It’s like a promotion. I am very honoured to be recognized, and even more so to be recognized alongside someone as talented as Suzanna Owiyo.”

UNEP reserves the right to renew their appointments after the expiry of the two year stint.