Clash of the Choirs episode 4: The final cut
It was an episode of big announcements on Clash of the Choirs last night (Sunday, 17 February), as the grueling search for the country’s hottest talent reached a major climax.
As the Choir Masters announced their selections for the competition’s Super Choirs, reactions ranged from extreme jubilation to heartbreaking disappointment… and there were a few surprises, too.

It wasn’t an easy ride, from the audition round to callbacks - as many contestants quickly discovered. For a lucky few, their elimination from the competition was reversed when, after hearing all the voices on offer, Choir Masters had to bring them back to satisfy the quota of different voices needed.
It was clear that the final cut depended entirely on contestants’ ability to listen to their Choir Masters and their own voices. Where the initial auditions only required them to perform a song, chosen and prepared safely at home, callbacks were not so kind. The Choir Masters knew precisely what they wanted, and if a singer couldn’t take their cue on key, pitch and harmony, it was the end of the road.

The Choir Masters travelled to their new choir members' homes and, as they learned more about each singer, they discovered just how high the stakes are for these contestants.

As the lovely Thembi Seete announced her decision, she laughed: “I didn’t think it was gonna go down like this!”

And it wasn’t only Thembi who was a little shell-shocked; all seven Choir Masters felt the pressure as they formed their groups.

They may have taken strain, but they were no less determined- and as Thembi, Khaya, Judith, Hotstix, Winnie, Zakes and Zwai met their choirs in their final configurations, you could sense that this is going to be a tough battle.

“My soldiers are ready to fight for me,” said Hotstix, as he listened to his group.

… And there’s not much more we can add to that, other than to say, game on.

Catch Clash of the Choirs episode 5 on Sunday 24 February, at 17:30 on Mzansi Magic.