Clash of the Choirs: Singing for Zakes & Zwai
On Sunday, 10 February, Clash of the Choirs SA followed the two remaining choirmasters as they searched for their singers. 

Zakes Bantwini took to the streets  of Gauteng and even the airwaves to announce his hunt for singers. While Zwai Bala tried his luck in Mpumalanga searching for his super choir.

Unfortunately both choirmasters got off to a bad start and #COTCSA fans weren’t shy to share their pain.

@8thatokay tweeted: “My ears my ears my poor ears #COTCSA eish some people shouldn’t audition really…”

Zwai had more luck with a bunch of chickens on the side of the road as he joked, “I’m hearing a very interesting sound from the chickens here. They may make a better choir at this stage.”

Twitter was ablaze when Zakes desperately asked a taxi driver if he could sing.  His quick response, “I can only sing when I'm drunk".

Drunk singers and chickens aside, the lovely Bonang felt her fair share of love as tweets, directed at Miss B, poured in...

@Uhnkle: “B* looking super fine!!! #CotCSA”

@nolomoifa: “How gorgeous is @Bonang_M on #COTCSA WOW!!”

The Clash of the Choirs SA “It-girl” even tried her hand at match-making  at the Gauteng auditions. Catch her in action here!

Zakes and Zwai proved to be victorious with the hidden gems arriving for auiditons .

Gauteng Clash hopefuls were eager to work with Zakes and desperately wanted a “yes” from the muso.

And clucking chickens were a distant memory for Zwai when the Zululand Gospel Choir arrived to audition. He was blown away by their talent and shocked viewers too when he declared, “I don’t think it’s possible to cut up this choir. But we’ll see.”

With the auditions for all the provinces done and dusted, the competition officially gets under way as the choirmasters will soon reveal their respective choices.

Will they be successful with their new-found choirs?  You’ll have to watch Mzansi Magic's Clash of the Choirs SA on Sundays from 17.30 from to find out.

Stay tuned for more updates as we near the choir reveals in the next episode of Clash of the Choirs SA.

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