BoxOffice review: Frankenweenie
Disney’s Frankenweenie is a great combination of Tim Burton’s artistic genius and stop-motion puppets. Inspired by his love for a childhood dog, the creative director spins a heart-warming family twist on the classic horror story, Frankenstein.   

Frankenweenie is aesthetically appealing in its hues of black and white, so animation enthusiasts should not expect bursts of colour across the silver screen.

It’s not surprising that the Academy took notice of Disney’s first feature black and white movie, while Tim Burton fans might be pleased by the characters’ appearances being reminiscent of the Corpse Bride.

Frankenweenie follows the story of a young boy named Victor Frankenstein who has a desire to be a scientist. Besides his love for science, he loves spending time with his dog and best friend, Sparky.

It’s easy to fall for the lovable and loyal canine, but that feeling of affection leads to tears when tragedy strikes as Sparky runs across a road.

However, audiences aren't left weeping and heartbroken for long, as Victor brings his best friend back to life. In a dark twisted way, Sparky looks even better with his master’s improvements of stitches and bolts.

True to the story of Frankenstein, Victor tries to conceal his sewn-up dog from his parents but the mischievous mutt wanders around town. Soon afterwards Victor’s classmates discover his little "experiment".

Tim Burton himself can be compared to Victor Frankenstein. Frankenweenie is a resurrection of his 1984 live action short with the same title, only this time Burton got it right. So much so that the director can rejoice about his film’s nomination for the Best Animated Feature Film.

Maybe the black and white animated film will see a little gold on Oscar night.

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