Bill Rancic’s great adventures
Fans of the reality TV show Giuliana and Bill have shared in the couple’s joy and sadness over the years.

And sometimes, we’d even get mildly jealous when we see where their work takes them and the adventures the couple gets up to.

Well, the Rancics return for a fifth season on The Style Network.

The Season 4 finale saw the couple head to Denver, where they started another round of IVF treatment. This is exactly where the new season kicks off. (Fortunately, we know how it ends – with the birth of Edward Duke.)

But before you get all comfy on the couch to watch the new season, we present a trip down Bill’s adventure memory lane and the cool things he’s done over the years.

The Rancics go East
Bill joined Giuliana while she was on a work assignment in Hong Kong and even lined up a few speaking events of his own. And being in shopping heaven, Giuliana couldn’t resist a trip to the markets. Bill joined her for some midnight shopping (he even bought her a handbag or two) and some great food.

The Rancics go Italia
2011 was the year of fun for the couple. The Rancics returned to Italy where they said their I Do’s.

While in Italy, the couple ate lots of pasta and pizza, had some gelato and even visited a pasta factory to do some research for their restaurant. Giuliana even persuaded Bill to go on a road trip to neighbouring Croatia, to learn more about his family tree. And who can forget the Italian treatment Bill received at the salon and his fitting for the perfect Italian outfit.

The Rancics go royal
Like everyone else, Giuliana was caught up in the royal fever. She was uber-excited when she had the chance to cover Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding for work, leaving poor Bill home alone, in Los Angeles.

But this separation was short lived when Bill decided to surprise G with a visit.

And as we know all too well, Bill is a blender, he doesn’t like sticking to the touristy stuff. Bill took G and some of her colleagues to The Sherlock Holmes pub for traditional fish & chips and a pint of beer – taking in London in all its glory. He even made G dress up in traditional cricket test gear as the couple hit the nets for a round of the gentleman’s game.

Well Thursday, 6 September is the start of new adventures, drama and surprises as the Rancic's welcome us into their lives. Catch Giuliana and Bill S5 on Style at 21:10 on Thursdays.