BBA StarGame day 11: small victories
Thursday night saw a great victory for UpVille as Big Brother announced they'd won the week's task and their 100 percent wager.

There was no celebrating for DownVille, however, as Big Brother denied them a win, and dismissed their 75 percent wager.

But despite the disappointment, life goes on.

Remember, in their first two days being in the StarGame house, Angola's Seydou had to do some smooth talking to convince his countrymate and BBF (Big Brother Friend) to stay when she was desperate to leave.

Because they arrived as pairs, if Esperanca had left, Seydou would have to go with her.

Now Seydou is doing some more smooth talking, this time to win over a mystery girl...could it be his dishwashing partner in DownVille, Zambia's Talia?

Oddly enough, earlier on the same day, Seydou had threatened a walk out because Sierra Leone's Zainab is giving him grief. 

Moving on, they're not a couple, but they certainly had a lover's tiff: Liberia's Luke had to publically defend himself against Ugandan Housemate, Janette's accusations that he's always on her case, and that he belittles her. 

He apologised to her and explained to his Housemates that they'd shared a bed, but that nothing had happened.

Although it was happening behind her back, accusations were also been thrown at Janette, with the DownVille women expressing their concernt that she's lied about so many things, her virginity included, that it must be a strategy.

Life is not nearly as complicated in UpVille, if you like a girl you tell her, or just give her a massage. After Big Brother announced that they'd won their task on Thursday night, Zimbabweans Roki and Maneta got down to the business of feeling good.

And, in tried and tested fashion, Big Brother disciplined the fighters, Ghana's DKB and Kenya's Prezzo, by putting them in colourful, conjoined jumpsuits to bring them closer together, and if this montage clip is anything to go by, it looks like it worked.

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