A quick Touch-up
The first season of Touch kept us glued to our TV screens as 11-year-old Jake Bohm (played by David Mazouz) laid out one elaborate riddle after another for his dad Martin to solve.

After a cliffhanger finale, season two is now here. Catch Touch season two on Monday, 18 February at 21:30 on M-Net.

Here's a quick recap of what went down in season one:
In the series opener, widowed dad Martin (Keifer Sutherland) struggled to raise his son in the wake of his wife’s death in the 911 attacks. Jake was a troubled kid who hasn’t spoken a word for years and hasn’t let anyone touch him including, Martin.

Jake constantly scribbled numbers in his notebook and Martin didn’t understand why, until he took a closer look and discovered the startling connection between Jake's encrypted messages and future events/accidents. The single father then deciphered his son's messages and began to change the fate of people across the world for the better.

Jake’s tendency to run away resulted in Clea Hopkins (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) being called in from social services. She took Jake to live at a facility which cares for children with special needs. Afraid of losing his son, Martin became more determined to connect with him and obsessively followed the numbers Jake mapped out for him.

This led him to a professor named Arthur Teller (Danny Glover) who understood Jake and his special abilities because he had come across a similar child, a mathematical genius, named Amelia. Teller was fascinated when Jake kept repeating a sequence of numbers which Arthur called the Amelia Sequence.

Later, Arthur was mysteriously killed when he tried to get in touch with Amelia leading Martin to discover that a dangerous organisation called AsterCorp was after Jake so that they could study his special gift. With Jake’s life in jeopardy, Martin shifted his focus from trying to connect with his son to keeping him safe.

In a gripping season finale, Clea helped the father and son flee New York City to Los Angeles where they "coincidentally" met with a woman named Lucy (Maria Bello) who turned out to be Amelia’s mother.

In the high-paced season two premiere they find themselves at the center of a major plot to help Lucy find her daughter.

Don’t miss the second season of Touch on Monday, 18 February at 21:30 on M-Net.