A Last Friday for Ice Cube & Tucker?
Ice Cube has confirmed that the upcoming Friday sequel is "moving in the right direction".

The rapper-and-actor paired up with comedian Chris Tucker in the classic 1995 cult comedy. There are currently three instalments in the movie series and Cube is now working on the fourth, which is entitled Last Friday.

He is happy with the pace of production thus far.

"I'm waiting to give it to them, but it's politics and it's economics getting it to where it needs to be," Cube told MTV News.

"It's moving in the right direction to get made, but it just ain't moving as fast as I want it, but it's happening."

Cube and Chris have not worked on a Friday follow-up since the release of the original film.

Although Chris said in February that he was unsure whether or not he’d revisit the franchise, Cube has positive thoughts about the actor’s return.

"With a script, nobody is all the way down until they like their deal and they sign it, so everything is just a theory," Cube said.

"He's written into the movie, and once they give us the green light to start hiring actors, then we're going to present him with the movie and an offer and we'll see if he takes it."